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Hello, guys,

I am a first second year M.S. student in the School of Software Engineering at University of Science and Technology of China. Before that, I got a bachelor degree in computer science and technology from Yangzhou University.

Since June of this year, I became an intern in IBM Linux Technology Center. LTC is a non-profit organization in IBM (at least on the face of it), its mission is to make contribution to open source community directly.

Maybe influenced by the so-called UNIX Philosophy, I like linux very much and choose it as my desktop environment, besides, I have a strong interest in operating system kernel, compiler, database system and so on.

I have finished a bicycle trip around Taihu lake, and my next goal is to ride my bike across Sichuan-Tibet.

Here is my technology blog.

1. Writing my paper...
2. I'm reading KVM (kernel-based virtual machine)'s source code in my spare time, if you are also interested in KVM, please feel free to communicate with me.


To do...